AN is currently enhancing operations and research on new travel destinations throughout 2014. Operations will resume 2015. Please join us on our Birding & Adventure tours to lesser known countries throughout Central & South America in 2015.


Bird the ‘Jewel’ and ‘Land of Eternal Spring’ respectively in Belize & Guatemala and celebrate over 5,126 years of the Mayan civilization.

April 2014

Join Aventuras Naturales in Belize and Guatemala. La Ruta Maya Birding Tour will focus on Belize and Guatemala for a birding tour that will cover the historical, cultural  and adventure aspects of one of the most amazing regions on Central America. While in Belize we’ll explore Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, Lamanai ruins, Crystal Paradise, Achtun Tunichil Muknal ceremonial caves, Xunantunich ruins, ancient city of Caracol and Mountain Pine Ridge. In Guatemala we’ll visit Lago Peten Itza, Remate and the towering pyramids of Tikal. At the conclusion of the tour we’ll return to Belize and visit the Rainforest Medicine Trail in San Ignacio, Blue Hole National Park and lastly enjoy the Belize Greart Barrier Reef – the largest continuous coral reef in the Western Hemisphere.



Celebrate the worlds’ largest wetland and Savanna

September 1st – September 12th 2013

No country ignites the Western imagination as Brazil does. For hundreds of years it has symbolized the great escape into a primordial, tropical paradise. From the mad passion of Carnaval to the vastness of the dark Amazon, Brazil is a country of mythical proportions. From the fearsome jaguar to the quaint pink river dolphin and from the mighty mahogany to the hundreds of different orchids; Brazil is a natural cornucopia unrivaled on the planet. It has more known species of plants (55,000), freshwater fish (3000), and mammals (520) than any other country in the world. It ranks second for the number of amphibians (517), third for birds (1622) and 5th for reptiles (468). New species are being discovered all the time.


Join us on one of these upcoming trips!

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Nicaragua: Birding Tour November 2014

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