Top Destinations To Visit in Botswana

Mar 14, 2018


Welcome to Aventuras Naturales, your ultimate guide to the top destinations to visit in Botswana. As a leading travel and tourism company, we are passionate about showcasing the beauty and wonders of Botswana. From breathtaking landscapes to diverse wildlife, Botswana offers a myriad of unforgettable experiences for every adventurer.

1. Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is an ecological paradise unlike any other in the world. Located in the heart of Botswana, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a vast inland delta that transforms the arid landscape into a flourishing ecosystem. With its intricate network of channels, lagoons, and islands, it is home to a remarkable array of wildlife, including elephants, lions, hippos, and a myriad of bird species. Explore the Delta by traditional mokoro canoe or take a scenic flight for a bird's-eye view of this natural wonder.

2. Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is renowned for its large elephant population, making it a top destination for wildlife enthusiasts. Embark on a thrilling safari adventure and witness herds of elephants roaming freely against a backdrop of stunning landscapes. In addition to elephants, Chobe is home to lions, giraffes, buffalos, and an abundance of birdlife. Take a sunset boat cruise along the Chobe River and witness the spectacular wildlife congregating at the water's edge.

3. Moremi Game Reserve

Spanning over 4,800 square kilometers, Moremi Game Reserve is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. This protected area is known for its diverse ecosystems, ranging from floodplains to dense woodlands, offering a unique opportunity to spot a wide variety of wildlife. From majestic predators like lions and leopards to graceful antelopes and zebras, Moremi Game Reserve is a true showcase of Botswana's biodiversity.

4. Makgadikgadi Pans

Step into another world at the Makgadikgadi Pans, one of the largest salt flats in the world. This mesmerizing landscape covers thousands of square kilometers and offers a surreal experience unlike any other. During the dry season, when the pans are devoid of water, you can embark on thrilling quad bike adventures across the vast expanse. And when the rains come, witness the magic as the pans transform into a breeding ground for flamingos and other migratory birds.

5. Central Kalahari Game Reserve

For those seeking a true wilderness experience, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is a must-visit destination. This expansive reserve spans over 50,000 square kilometers and is home to a wide range of wildlife, including cheetahs, wild dogs, and hyenas. Embark on a guided safari adventure and discover the hidden wonders of this remote and untouched landscape.

6. Tsodilo Hills

The Tsodilo Hills are a sacred site and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in northwest Botswana. These ancient rock formations hold great spiritual and cultural significance for the local San people. Embark on a guided tour and marvel at the ancient rock art that adorns the caves and crevices of the hills. Immerse yourself in the rich history and folklore surrounding this mystical place.


Botswana is a land of wonders, offering a harmonious blend of breathtaking landscapes, abundant wildlife, and unique cultural experiences. Whether you are seeking thrilling safari adventures or serene moments amidst nature, Botswana has it all. With Aventuras Naturales as your guide, embark on an unforgettable journey that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

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